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We currently carry over 80 cannabis products, in the form of Flowers, Pre-Rolls, Oils, Sprays, and Capsules.

  • Cannabis, Pre-rolls, Oils, Capsules
  • Edibles, Beverages, Topicals, Concentrates
  • Our product comes from       We derive the products that we sell you from some of the finest licenced producers... meet our partners 


Cannabis Accessories Available

  • Grinders, Pollinators, 5 different kinds of Pipes, Storage Systems, One-Hitters, Taster Boxes.
  • Papers, Filters, Rollers & Trays, Travel Bags Humidor, Bongs
  • ...and much more coming in!
  • We will soon have a new selection of Glass products – watch our site for information!
  • New for your ritual box - silicone products, pipes, and bong/beakers - worth a look - you won't be replacing these ones soon!


In-Store Books and Materials

We carry a selection of both educational, and light-hearted books focusing on Cannabis and it’s use, history, and horticultural aspects, CBD products and their most effective use, and even how to cook with CBD products, or make your own spa products.

  • In store Books & Materials
  • Friendly & Knowledgeable staff
  • Events - Pop-Up's Meet our fantastic Industry Reps!


Pop-Ups and More!

Learn more about your favourite products.

Watch for pop-ups for Licensed Producers' reps!

While we are waiting for the COVID-19 to settle, 

we will be in touch with our reps to keep up with 

industry happenings.

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