About Us

Meet Maura & Simon

Simon spent his childhood moving between England and Canada as his parents “took turns getting homesick”, his father being from England, and Mother from Quebec. Finishing University in Quebec he moved first to Toronto and then Windsor, ON to work in live performance, a career spanning 30 years. From Windsor, he relocated to Calgary.

Maura, on the other hand, was born and raised in Calgary and spent her working career first in the oil patch for 25 years learning every aspect of the industry and finally working in Investor and public relations. A secondary career with a medical association as Project Office Manager saw her working with 700 professionals to convert Dr's paper charts to electronic medical records.

Between us, we have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and talents to pull our shop together. We are looking forward to seeing what the future of the Cannabis industry will be in Parksville!

Store Atmosphere & Philosophy

Oceanside C-Weed is Parksville’s first legally licensed Recreational Cannabis retail store. We wanted the shop to have a warm inviting atmosphere, and have our customers feel at ease. This was of primary importance to us, as we were the groundbreakers.

We need to reinforce that we are not a Medical Marijuana dispensary. We are pleased to be able to show you the recreational cannabis side of the industry and we will be carrying both your favourites and our newly discovered strains for you to try out. The Edibles market will add a whole new dimension to our store and others with some pretty incredible products which we will be carrying.

Store Values & Client Privacy

We are committed to providing an outstanding level of customer service for you, finding the right products for your particular requests or needs.  

We currently carry Flower, Pre-rolls, Edibles, Vape Cartridges and disposeable pens, Oils/Tinctures and Capsules, and some topicals, as well as a new line of accessories.  Our goal is to provide you with great products at reasonable prices.

What you discuss with us in the shop is treated with regard for your privacy. We do not share or sell any of your information to third parties.  What's discussed in Oceanside C-Weed stays with us.





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